Bill and Hillary Clinton

If you add up all the time that Bill and Hillary Clinton devoted to politics

You get no less, but almost 40 years. As it turned out, the famous spouses withstood such tension in a very original way: Bill was in the bedrooms of other women, and Hillary was in her own crying room.

While in the UK, journalist Tom Bower is gradually talking about the exclusive details of the personal life of Charles, Prince of Wales, in the USA, two authors at once decided to shed light on previously little-known details from the lives of other modern heroes – Bill and Hillary Clinton.

It is noteworthy that the work of Mark Penn

(who worked for the former president as a sociologist) “Microtrends squared ” and the book by Jennifer Palmiri (ex-director of communications Hillary Clinton) “Dear Madame President ” very indirectly relate to the ex-US presidential couple . And yet, those details of their life in the White House and after it, which Mark and Jennifer mention on their pages, could well become a good basis for new biographies of those whose names the whole world knows today.

How Hillary turned a blind eye to Bill’s betrayals, why her husband was more popular than her even during her own presidential race, and why Mrs. Clinton needed a separate crying room – we tell.

The Clintons lived in an open relationship – but only Bill cheated

Bill’s love affairs were an open secret in the White House until 1998, and after that they were the property of the entire American nation, because as soon as the president’s case smelled of impeachment, Clinton personally confessed that he really cheated on his wife. Hillary, as we all remember, did not turn away from him – even many years later, in her book “What happened” (was written after the defeat of a woman in the 2016 presidential race), she devoted many affectionate words to her unfaithful husband. Why? But this is the most interesting.

Many years ago, one of Bill’s mistresses, Jennifer Flaruens, with whom he met for about twelve years, seriously convinced the public that, in fact, Hillary did not care who her husband slept with, because she herself always preferred women (about this her, Jennifer, supposedly told by the president himself). Sociologist and political strategist in the Clinton administration, Mark Penn, however, is in no hurry to confirm the theory of Ms. Flurence, but insists on something else: Bill and Hillary at some point simply agreed to live in an open relationship.

“It wasn’t hard to guess that they lived in an open marriage

At least that was the case for Bill,” writes Mark Penn in his new book, Microtrends Squared. “Most likely, it was not their personal choice, but a consequence of all the stories that happened to the president.”
If it’s hard for you to imagine how this works in practice, then the author advises you to recall the story of Frank and Claire Underwood from the popular series House of Cards. Mark constantly compares the life of the serial presidential couple with the Clinton union: they say that both partners had the right to privacy, but in everything related to work, they acted as a single team.

“At the same time, no one doubted that their relationship was deep and very strong,”

The author continues. “But if such a family model existed for the president and the first lady, how was the nation supposed to take it?”

Many biographers and insiders of the presidential couple wrote that Hillary was furious when she found out about her husband’s infidelities, of which, of course, there were many.

However, judging by the observations of the presidential sociologist, it is likely that the first lady treated Bill’s adventures with at least understanding. “Such marriages rely less on sex and more on love, creating meaningful and deep relationships,” the author concludes.

Hillary herself, as other insiders claimed at one time

Sex was not as important as her husband, so she herself did not cheat on him (or simply did not come across).

Actually, that is why the first lady actively supported her husband throughout his career: both during the scandal with Jen Flaruens, which broke out in the middle of the 1992 presidential race, and in the story with Monica Lewinsky. Hillary simply did not consider physical infidelity to be something reprehensible – that’s all.