Hillary Clinton forgot her daughter

Hillary Clinton, First Lady of the United States

From 1993-2001, told The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on NBC that she and her husband, the 42nd President of the United States Bill Clinton, once forgot their only daughter Chelsea in the Kremlin during a visit to Moscow .

During the show, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton took part in a mother-daughter challenge, answering questions from the host. Jimmy Fallon asked Hillary Clinton about “the craziest family vacation memory.”

I’ll tell you.

I hope she doesn’t remember, because it was quite traumatic. We took her with us to Russia when we were on a state visit when Bill was president. There were official farewells, so Bill and I were escorted into the Beast, a large limousine, to go to the airport. Nobody knew that we left her. Can you imagine that I can leave my only child in the Kremlin? Especially after everything that happened.

Chelsea Clinton, 42, who under the terms of the challenge did not hear her mother’s answer, after several clues guessed what she said: “When they left me in the Kremlin.”

“Can you imagine that I can leave my only child in the Kremlin? Especially after everything that has happened,” Hillary summed up.

Fallon suggested it was fun.

42-year-old Chelsea, who, according to the terms of the challenge, did not hear her mother’s answer, put on headphones, almost immediately guessed what was being discussed.

“No shock. It was fun when they forgot me in the Kremlin!” Chelsea guessed.

During the first visit, Bill and Hillary even spent the night in the Kremlin. In June 2000, Clinton met with Vladimir Putin in Moscow, but then his family no longer accompanied him.

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The former first lady admitted that her reaction is no longer what it used to be.

Hillary Clinton, who came to the studio with 42-year-old Chelsea, took part in the Mother Daughter Challenge, where she had to answer several questions related to her daughter. One of them was about “the craziest memory of a family vacation.” The 74-year-old former US Secretary of State recalled how she and her husband took their daughter to Moscow, where the couple went on a state visit during the presidency of Bill Clinton.

“There were official farewells

So Bill and I were escorted to the Beast [The Beast’s presidential limousine. — Approx. RTVI] to go to the airport and we left not knowing we left her [Chelsea] behind. I hope she doesn’t remember this, because it was quite traumatic, ”Hillary Clinton shared.

However, when a similar question about family “holidays” was asked of Chelsea, she recalled the same episode. “Can you imagine that I can leave my only child in the Kremlin?” Hillary Clinton asked the host.

At the same time, the former secretary of state did not specify how the incident was resolved.