News about Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton on accepting the Democratic nomination

As President of the United States of America. As part of a four-day mission to Philadelphia to participate in the Democratic Party convention, a delegation from the S&D Group headed by President Gianni Pittella, attended by Vice-Chair Knut Fleckenstein and Tanja Fajon, and Jeppe Kofod, Vice-Chair of the European Parliament Delegation for Relations with the US , met with many American personalities, including Bernie Sanders, Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright and union chairman Richard Trumka.

In a joint statement, President Pittella, Vice-Presidents Fleckenstein and Fajon, and MEP Kofod stated:

– She has extensive experience, is highly motivated, a promoter of human and minority rights and a progressive politician who believes in improving the life chances of all members of society. This week, Hillary demonstrated why she should be the next president of the United States and the first female president in US history. The S&D Group strongly supports Hillary Clinton

Hillary made a strong and progressive speech. She spoke to the hearts of all people.

She spoke to all Americans, young and old, white and black, regardless of their religious beliefs or sexual orientation. Hillary has outlined a concrete plan that shows how it can improve people’s daily lives. It presented a policy of hope and change instead of a policy of hate and discrimination.

– We welcome proposals that strongly strengthen, in particular, tax and social justice and the fight against tax fraud, include a way to extend health and childcare rights, as well as ensure equal access to education for all social classes and ensure equal pay for equal work , equality for women and minority rights.

– We also welcome the social agenda that follows a progressive approach, put forward by Bernie Sanders, whose contributions in terms of politics, support and passion will be extremely important in these elections.

– We also welcome Hillary’s commitment to continue the fight against climate change and sustainable development. We also welcome her commitment to fight tax avoidance; it is a political priority that we share.

These are not normal elections between Democratic and Republican candidates.

The stakes in this game are much higher: American democracy, global peace and stability, and transatlantic relations. The US has been infected by the same virus of populism, racism, and xenophobia that has hit Europe. In Europe, this virus is called Le Pen in France, Farage in the UK, Orban in Hungary, Northern League in Italy, and Kaczyński in Poland. In the United States, the name of this virus is Donald Trump.

– Standard actions are out of the question; for the good of Europe and the USA

The world needs a Europe and the US that are reliable, effective and democratic. The world certainly does not need Trump or his populist friends in Europe. Donald Trump is simply not reliable.

– The US and the EU must work together in the fight against terrorism, poverty and war, as well as on migration and other global challenges. We are all stronger together.

– The world and the EU need the United States of America. We need this for Hilary Clinton to become the next US president.