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Bill and Hillary Clinton didn’t pay taxes

A couple of politicians used loopholes in US tax laws to save hundreds of thousands of dollars

Former US President Bill Clinton and his wife, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are doing everything possible to evade inheritance taxes, CBS News reports citing Bloomberg. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

The American Bloomberg agency conducted a journalistic investigation and found out that the Clintons used loopholes in American law to keep their taxes to a minimum, despite the fact that the Clintons have always advocated strict compliance with tax laws, especially in terms of inheritance taxes, writes CBS News .

Bloomberg analyzed the Clintons’ ownership structure

And found that the couple used a financial scheme that many businessmen seek to use. So, in order to save the heirs from paying taxes, the amount of which can reach up to 40 percent, the owners create trust companies and transfer their property to their ownership. Companies can then transfer that property to its original owners or their heirs, writes CBS News.

According to Bloomberg, it was precisely according to this scheme that the Clinton couple acted. So, in 2010, they created trust companies and in 2011 transferred their ownership of their home in New York. According to David Scott Sloan, co-owner of the Boston law firm Holland & Knight, such actions could save the Clintons hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to CBS News.

Hillary Clinton is considered one of the likely candidates for the US presidency in the 2016 elections. In mid-May, the polling company Ipsos reported that the majority of US citizens polled believe Clinton is the likely winner of this presidential election. The 66-year-old Clinton herself has not yet confirmed that she will fight for the highest post in the country.

Hillary Clinton wins first presidential vote

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton won the first ballot, which traditionally takes place at midnight in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire. It is reported by CNN.

So, Clinton received four votes out of eight, Trump – two. Another vote was cast for Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, the last ballot was written “Mitt Romney” (the US presidential candidate from the Republican Party in the 2012 elections).

Dixville Notch has a population of 12 as of the 2010 census.

The boroughs of Harts Location and Millfield in New Hampshire also voted after midnight.

In total, according to the results of voting in these three towns (including Dixville Notch), Trump won, receiving 35 votes to 25 votes for Clinton. At the same time, the Democratic candidate had an advantage in the first two polling stations, and 16 votes from Millsfield residents provided Trump with an advantage, the Associated Press notes.

In addition, Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson received three votes. Democrat Bernie Sanders and Republican John Kasik, who did not reach the election, received one vote each, as well as Republican Mitt Romney, a participant in the 2012 election, whose names were written on the ballots, not wanting to vote for any of the running candidates.

Under New Hampshire law, communities with fewer than 100 voters have the right to open polls at midnight and close as soon as all registered voters have cast their ballots.

On November 8, the United States will hold a national presidential election. According to the results of the public opinion poll of the Fox news channel, announced the day before, Clinton with 48% of the vote had an advantage over Trump (44% of the vote).